fbpx Make money with ad breaks facebook audience network

Make money with ad breaks facebook audience network

Recently, people are loosening the facebook audience network form of new money with video, other than in-stream video on the website. This is the form of monetized ad breaks – make money by publishing ads automatically in the video uploaded on his fanpage. It looks like Facebook is looking to promote a more diversified ad release and open more inventory for publishers to take advantage of available resources.

About the condition of this form:

Fanpage full of 10K followers (may be likes less or more)
User like that fanpage, the interaction on that fanpage is mostly foreign
Content written on the fanpage must be Ad break support.
User set, fanpage address, location in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland
Ad break will be implemented in additional languages ​​and countries such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Thai, and German

According to internal news, Ad breaks will return to Vietnam at the end of 2019. Thus, MMO people should keep up the fanpage and ensure that the content complies with the policy of making money from facebook, not because of ham Fast money that can be lost. 1 source of money (according to his evaluation) is quite good. Because ad break is very small, only big fan pages have been accepted before, but facebook has only just opened for the masses, but still has too few publishers, so the eCPM of this ad. (ads can not skip) can be very high, range $ 3 – $ 10.

To register for monetization with ad breaks, go to the following link: //www.facebook.com/business/m/join-ad-breaks

Select the fanpage you are eligible for and click Next, then choose Payoneer Payoneer, because current ad break is only updated overseas, should use the country’s payment add new.

If your fanpage is not eligible, it will appear like this:

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